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Humane Society of the United States: Take Michael Vick's newly adopted dog and pet-owning privilege away forever

Michael Vick is not only a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, he is also a heartless monster who tortured and killed thousands of innocent, helpless dogs. Not only did he run a dogfighting ring, (which, alone, should be enough to keep him from ever adopting another dog) but he tortured and killed them with his own two hands by drowning them, hanging them, beating them, etc. Who would ever allow him to own another animal is beyond me.  I've heard the excuses:  "He's served his time!", "He's recovered!", etc.  So then let me ask this:  When child molesters have served their time and claim to be recovered, should we then let them go out and adopt a baby?  This is absolutely crazy and something needs to be done immediately!!!

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  • Humane Society of the United States
    Wayne Pacelle, CEO

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