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Save Duke's life, the Saint Bernard in Colorado Spring Humane Society

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Have you heard about the Saint Bernard in Colorado that ALLEGEDLY bit a 5 year old and they are trying to euthanize him, even though he has never had any prior history of aggression?

Duke is a 14 month old, Saint Bernard male that we rescued from a veteran in Missouri. The veteran was training him to be a service animal and had grandchildren in the home. The veteran surrendered Duke to us because he lost his home and was caring for his grand children. They moved into a motor home and Duke was living outside tethered on a chain. He wasn't able to complete his service training due to circumstances and the owner didn't want him suffering and having to live outside. So he surrendered him to our rescue so we could find Duke a loving forever home.

When we picked up Duke from his previous owner, there were two children literally hanging on him, hugging on him and telling him goodbye. We took Duke in and began our evaluation and medical care on him. We first take our Saints to our grooming and boarding facility to get them fully groomed and cleaned up and then take them to the vet before we place them into a foster home. Duke spent a few days with our groomer and in boarding, where he was exposed to two young boys ages 6 and 9. They played with Duke and never did he show any issues playing with the children here.  He then was transferred to his foster home, where he was around a 2 month old baby, 2 yr old, 7 year old and an 8 year old. He was always very well mannered, kind, loving and gave kisses to the kids without any issues. He was evaluated around other dogs of all sizes and ages, children and his obedience training was also evaluated. He stayed in his foster about a month before we placed him for adoption.  Duke was the last dog we ever could have imagined biting anyone! 

We adopted Duke out to what we thought was his forever home. We were wrong.  Our screening process includes 10 years Veterinarian medical history for all animals that have lived or are living in the home, 3 personal references, criminal background check (violence, domestic abuse, animal abuse, restraining orders), require giant breed or specific breed experience and personal interview with the adopter. How would we know that a single mother would allow three young children to stay home with 2 giant dogs, 1 being new to the home, alone without supervision? Do we as rescues literally have to ask adopters about who watches their children and the dogs when they are not home? This is why so many rescues will not adopt to homes with small children! 

All we know at this time is the following:

•Duke was left home alone with three, young children ages 5, 7 and 12 along with their other dog which is a Husky/Shepherd mix female.

•Duke and his sister, a Husky/Shepherd mix puppy approximately 6-8 months weren’t getting along in the home after a few weeks. The adopter contacted us and we advised her that we would be willing to take Duke back or that she needed to contact a trainer to have someone come in to evaluate what was triggering the fights and assist. Last we talked to the family they had contacted a trainer for help.  We learned on the day of the bite that they had put off having the trainer come in until after the holidays. Priorities?

•There was a dog bite, the 5 year old was bit once. (photo reviewed by different vets/trainers and animal welfare officers) They left the dogs unsecured out with a history of fighting with 3 small children home alone!

•We weren’t sure what caused the bite. We aren’t even positive it was Duke who bit the child. Don’t get me wrong, the bite looks horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But why did it happen?  We were told this last Saturday 1/11/20 that the children were playing football with Duke and had hit him several times with the ball. Then the two older kids quit playing and went inside, leaving the 5 year old alone with Duke. When the 5 year old hit him with the football again and went to retrieve it next to him, Duke bit the child. We were also told that Duke dragged the child across the yard and into the kitchen before letting him go.  We know this is not possible as the child would have had rips and tears in his face at a minimum from the struggle. There have been many holes in the stories we have been told - this is the 4th version of the story we have been told since Duke was taken from the home by animal control/HSPPR in Colorado Springs and declared a "dangerous dog".

•Duke was surrendered by the previous adopter to the local humane society and the family requested he be euthanized. This is a breach of contract as our adoption papers say any unwanted dogs automatically revert ownership back to the rescue. We exercised this right by a cease and desist order and notice of reclamation to both the adopter and the HSPPR. We also paid Duke's boarding fees for the 10 day bite hold and continue to pay for his boarding.  

•Our founder is charged with criminal charges in Colorado for “owning a dangerous dog” Duke isn’t dangerous :(

•We see a judge on February 3rd and he will decide Dukes fate.

Please sign this petition, Duke deserves to live! He deserves to come back to our rescue and find an appropriate forever home to live the rest of his life in! He has no history of aggression, this incident was clearly provoked - therefore he deserves to live!!! We need as many signatures as possible to show the judge how many people are supporting him and want him to live!

Please, this is not going to be a cheap fight. Duke needs us to be his voice. We have court cost and need to find a lawyer willing to work with us. We have to pay for Duke’s boarding to keep him from being euthanized. We have to travel to Colorado and find a place to rest our heads.  If you would like to donate to help save Duke's life, you may do so via any of the links below. We will be posting a full account of all the expenses for his care, legal fees and expenses related to saving his life. Any donor who donates $20 or more will get a free Duke shirt if you message us proof of your donation and address! We will post a full account of the expenses for Duke on our Facebook page and Facebook fundraiser.

Please understand if you "chip in" at the end of this petition that is NOT a donation to our rescue - that pays for this petition to get more attention. If you want to donate to Duke's care and defense, please do so via the links below!

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These are the dates we know:

February 3, criminal charges arraignment

March 3, civil case against HSPPR (Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region) in Colorado Springs.

We have filed a request for a "probable cause " hearing, we are waiting for that court date. We will update as soon as we know more!!

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