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To investigate the death of a German Shepherd by the name of Spike!

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My name is Pamela G DeWitt and I belong to a group on Facebook called " I Love German Shepherds VIP"
At the beginning of the month a man posted pictures of what he said was his wife's dog by the name of Spike.
According to him Spike had bitten one of his children and that he was going to shoot him but he didn't want to.
Many in the Group offered to pick up Spike and give him a loving home where he wouldn't be around children at all,
Also gave him many suggestions and how to handle Spike and his fears.
The next day he posted that he was going to work with Spike and also had gotten him a muzzle!
Didn't really hear from him too much after that and then yesterday he posted that Spike was dead and he didn't know
How it happened.
The Group was outraged and called him out including myself and he also shared pictures of Spike's dead body.
In the pictures you can see blood coming from his head and also maybe a entry or exit wound.
Someone forwarded and heat sensor photo as well showing that he has not been dead long when the picture was taken,
A photo of a grave and a shovel but I don't have photo of that.
He deleted himself from the Group and all pictures but someone took screen shots and have forwarded them to me.
I am really hoping that something can be done only for the simple fact that there were man people in the Group that offered
to take Spike and now he is dead.
Animal abuse has to stop and these poor babies need to a voice and today I am their voice. or call at 810.744.0511
Thank you
Pamela G DeWitt

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