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Tell the Humane Society of Delaware County to Stop Serving Meat in their Events

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The Humane Society of Delaware County does a lot of good work for animals in central Ohio. They have reunited families with missing animal loved ones, and have created lasting friendships and family. That includes myself- I adopted Doctor the cat and moved with him to Europe in 2015.

This holiday season I returned to Delaware to spend Christmas and New Year with my family. I still am on the Humane Society's mailing list, and I read their latest news and promotion for their upcoming flagship event, the 2018 "FurBall." The FurBall, or “cocktails for critters” aims to raise funds for the non-profit through drinks, silent auctions, and serving food.

The food part stuck out at me. So I called them to find out about the menu. Although they promised a vegetarian option, this event will serve meat. I was shocked, disgusted, and dumbfounded that the organization that works to better the lives and welfare of animals, is paying for others to mistreat, intimidate, and ultimately kill animals!

Serving animals, or advocating activities and industries that cause massive pain is against your mission statement, and the name of your organisation. The word “humane” literally means “having or showing compassion or benevolence.” In your mission statement, you state that you are “committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach, and the prevention of cruelty.”

I am not asking you to stop the work that you are doing for animals, rather I am asking you to stop advocating activities that cause harm, pain, and death to animals that aren’t dogs and cats. I am asking that you continue to host events, but to stop serving meat for any and all events henceforth. As an organisation, you have seen the love that animals are capable of expressing, and the pain, fear, and anguish they have felt from the hands of humans. Start to see that in all animals, not just the dogs and cats we are so eager to love. If you truly care about the welfare of animals, and wish to prevent cruelty like your mission statement says: please do the right thing and ban the serving of meat at your events.

Humane Society of Delaware County (TEL) +1 (740) 369-7387

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