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Humane Society of Central Texas-Waco 2032 Circle Road, Waco 254-754-1454: STOP KILLING ALL "PIT TYPE DOGS" because they are older than six months

All animals that are healthy and social that come into a shelter facility deserve the right to be adopted, REGARDLESS of their BREED. Currently the HSCT Board of Directors is practicing BSL or Breed Specific Legislation by having a policy that only allows "pit type" dogs to be adopted that are younger than 6 months of age. There is no real ability to determine accurate AGE or BREED in a shelter environment!!!

Rescue groups and concerned citizens HAVE BEEN WILLING TO ASSIST the "PIT TYPE" dogs and have met significant resistance. The time is today and the time is now.... Let the Board of Directors know you do not accept that healthy social dogs are being KILLED because of a "LABEL".

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    Humane Society of Central Texas-Waco 2032 Circle Road, Waco 254-754-1454

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