Help Release Chief

Help Release Chief

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Meagan Twelves started this petition to Humane society

Hey everyone....

So I have some horrible news about Chief.

The humane society is refusing to release Chief to my company. I can only assume it’s because they know I make an adoption fee, as well as a fee from rehabilitation. (Which I also said I would wave)

I even started a fundraiser for him so he could have a new bed, blanket and crate, toys and new bowls.
Medical care, food cost and housing. I even had multiple ask to adopt him because I got messaged by a man named Dave.

Dave has two kids and is willing to help Chief through his entire rehabilitation process. He’s willing to help him, from the moment I pull him, to his stay with me for rehabilitation, to the rehoming process with his forever home.

The humane society is going to allow that poor dog to stay in a 4x6 cage, with NO rehabilitation... until they allow for adoption to civilians... or unless they can swing it through the manager Tammy. Who is the one that said no! The MANAGER!

Tammy look her up... email or call her and tell her how this makes you feel.

I am both disgusted and outraged that a government funded agency could allow a canine to stay caged up, when I have found a home and I am willing to do the rehabilitation process.

For all of you that don’t know, the human society “rescues and rehomes” there is NO rehabilitation! The animals just sit in a cage with the occasional attention and exercise!

They also have an NON ADOPTABLE side... yea those dogs just sit in a cage till death... when our tax money could be paying for me and others like me to go in and rehabilitate... with full benefits and a pension because it’s a government funded agency... but John and Tammy the cheap pricks that they are refuse to give out anymore money so these dogs are adopted out FULL of LIABILITIES!

They have 25-50 dogs per location, and one person that can help give these dog the guidance they need to be able to be rehomed safely, as well as someone that makes it their dedication to find these animals the right home for their behavioural issues and breed... � hmmm.

I have stayed in contact with them since I dropped that poor boy off. They still said no!

I am asking the public for help! I am asking for you all to blow up their phones and emails. To go to my pages and share my posts across facebook and IG!

Make the world aware of what this government funded agencies are doing!

Sign the petition, it will be available in the post as well, to have this handsome boy released to me for rehabilitation!

This is a government funded agency guys that is missing a crucial step in the rescue process!

Please like, SHARE and comment!

Let the humane society know how you feel about them!

I personally will no longer stand for this, especially when it’s our tax dollars paying them to tell me NO!

To tell me I can’t help him, find him peace after what he’s been through and then bless him with his forever home!

Please help me get the word out!

Follow K-9 Utopia and share the post for chief!

Help us get the word out that a government funded agency is allowing not just chief but all of their dogs sit behind cages when someone is right here ��‍♀️ here willing to help!

You idiots couldn’t even get him and pull him from Dunnville ��‍♀️ you left him in the freezing cold for 24 hours! Common man... seriously, but I get charged if I don’t bring him into you guys!? This is soooo messed up!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!