US needs to ban testing cosmetics on animals! Congress needs to pass Humane Cosmetics Act

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The Humane Cosmetics Act needs to be passed for good by Congress. It’s straight up cruel animal abuse. Would you want testing to be done on your OWN pet? I don’t think so. Poor animals are treated like shit all the time and they can’t even speak up. These animals are in horrible conditions kept caged up for however long until they die of the shit they’re tested with. All for the sake of testing Cosmetics that humans are so greedy to must have. People don’t understand what happens behind it all. When you go buy makeup in a store or online you are just searching for what you want and that’s it. No one actually thinks deep in the moment that animal abuse is behind many makeup brands and that you’re supporting that brand by purchasing makeup. If testing is to be done, it should be done on humans ourselves not animals who are innocent and have to suffer for our own pleasure. Specifically humans who have done wrong for example people who are in jail. Animals are pretty much in jail too when they’re trapped in these places, that don’t deserve it, but they have it much worse... they have to suffer with side effects of the testing such as rashes, swelling, blindness, alopecia, seizures, exposure to toxic substances, bleeding wounds etc. They don’t even receive any type of pain relief. Once testing is finished on the animal, after all the suffering, they’ll kill it discard it like it’s junk by decapitation, neck-breaking, or asphyxiation (suffocating). Millions of animals die each year in testing laboratories. Think about that. And what about the prisoners? They don’t need to suffer as harsh conditions and many even get set free back into the world to commit crimes etc all over again. My point is that animals don’t deserve it, cruel humans do. That’s common sense. I can say more but I’m glad you’re still reading to this point. By signing this petition you are agreeing to let your voice be known that you think cosmetic animal testing should be banned in the United States once and for all. The Representative this petition will be signed to will have to look into this and speak up.

As a future veterinarian, this breaks my heart as should yours. You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to harm an animal. Many humans think animals are toys it’s absolutely insane. Please speak up by signing the petition and sharing.

Thank you, Lauren