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Restore the Army Protection for Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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Due to the pressure of the current government leaders of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Army Commander has ordered to remove the Army personnel providing security to the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The particular Army squad consists of 89 soldiers and the majority are recognized to be commandos, who highly trained to protect the VVIP in any situation.

During the past few weeks several suicide jackets, c4 explosives, firearms were found in various places of Sri Lanka and has been reported those were belonged to the rising LTTE terrorists.

The government had neither allocated a cent to the repairing of Mr. Rajapaksa’s bullet-proof vehicle that met with an accident several months ago nor had he be allocated an official residence even after 14 months.

Recently the Sri Lankan government released pro LTTE suicide bombers and even let the international LTTE supporters to visit Sri Lanka.

Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the political leader who eradicated the LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, therefore he is an enemy of the terrorists.

This situation makes the Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa become very vulnerable for an assassination.

Therefore we kindly request to urge the current Sri Lankan government to restore the previous army protection squad of Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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