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Petitioning Human Rights Watch and 2 others

Please advocate for prisoners rights in Tripoli. One signature = One Voice.



Today the Libyan National Transitional Council affirms that it has a list of over 57 000 names of people who have been detained on political motifs, since before and during the conflict with Gaddafi loyalists.

Shamseddin Ben Ali (NTC) says that although ca. 11 000 prisoners have been released recently from political prisons, over 45 000 (!!!) are still unaccounted for. Mr Ben Ali asks for any information pertaining to their possible whereabouts.

It has been suggested that tens of thousands are being detained in underground prisons. M. Ben Ali calls on the humanity of any guards or others who may be able to help find these prisoners, believed to be held in bunkers, and may be without food or care since over 6 days.

Please sign this petition to give each and every one of those still detained a voice. Their stories must be told and heard.

mid- August 2011:

From Tripoli based source:

The most crowded prison is Ayn Zara. Several people perish anonymously in this prison daily. The incarcerated population suffers from numerus diseases, mainly skin diseases. The number of prisoners in this facility is uncertain, but most likely close to 10 000. Prisoners are allowed only 20 minutes of access to water a day for hygiene and to drink. The water is available from 10 waist high taps for the entire population. Food consists of a piece of bread roughly the size of a palm.

Prisoners in Tripoli jails are detained under false identities called "Indirect Life Sentences". This is used to foil lawyers and families attempts to find them.

They have no civil, social or simply basic human rights.

They have done nothing wrong. These are Men, Women and CHILDREN who have been accused by Gaddafi regime informants of being against the tyrannical leader.

These Libyans do not have a voice.

One Signature = One Voice

Without a strong mobilisation from the international community, thousands of innocent Libyan prisoners will remain in anonymously silenced by Gaddafi's oppression, terror and brutality.

Their fate, as the opposition forces approach the Libyan Capital may be in terrible danger.

Please sign the petition and ask for International Organisations to ACT IMMEDIATELY  and assess the penitentiary situation in Tripoli.

Thank you.


رسالة مفتوحة الى منظمات حقوق الانسان  والهيئات المحلية والعالمية بخصوص سجناء طرابلس الأبرياء

Lettre ouverte aux organisations des droits humains et aux autorités nationales et internationales sur les prisonniers innocents de Tripoli.

Lettera aperta a organizzazioni per i diritti umani così come le autorità nazionali e internazionali: per quanto riguarda prigionieri innocenti di Tripoli.

Carta abierta a organizaciones de derecho humano y las autoridades nacionales e internacionales: Sobre los reclusos inocentes en Trípoli.

Касательно невиновных заключенных в г. Триполи. Открытое письмо организациям по защите прав человека, а также, федеральным и международным властям:

Ulusal, uluslararası otoritelere ve insan hakları örgütlerine Trablus’un suçsuz mahkûmları hakkında açık mektup.

Letter to
Human Rights Watch
United Nations
Libyan National Transitional Council
On February 17 2011, peaceful pro-democracy protests took place throughout Libya.
These protests have led to the imprisonment of thousands of innocent Libyans by
the Gaddafi regime in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. Eyewitness testimony obtained
by our organization has revealed that protesters have been held for up to six months
in deplorable conditions. Those who have escaped cite horrific accounts of torture,
starvation & inhumane treatment by Gaddafi loyalists. It is impossible to know the
number of people detained due to the lack of freedom of speech in the capital, but
a conservative estimate is many thousands. These numbers continue to grow as
both Libyan citizens and the international communities increase the pressure for the
departure of the Gaddafi regime. Many of those imprisoned were not even political
activists; some were kidnapped indiscriminately. The only “crime” of some prisoners
was the coincidence of sharing a last name with someone who opposed Gaddafi, while
for others it was merely having lived in eastern Libya, which is now controlled by the

There is a long history of brutal repression of peaceful protesters in Libya. For example,
in 1996, 1269 political prisoners were killed by the Gaddafi regime in less than two
and a half hours for demanding their rights in what is now known as the “Abu-Salim
Massacre.” This event is simply one of countless acts of brutality and terror used by the
regime and is a constant reminder of the eminent danger these detainees are in.

For this reason we are calling on human rights organizations (Human Rights Watch,
Amnesty International), as well as national and international authorities to make it an
urgent priority to raise awareness of this injustice and advocate for the political, civil,
social and economic rights of prisoners in Tripoli. Imprisonment of innocent civilians,
political or not, must end with their swift and unconditional release. We urge you to
pressure the international community and the Gaddafi regime to take urgent and
effective steps to end this crime against humanity.

Please advise us on the steps you will be taking to ensure the release of political
prisoners in Tripoli and to bring about political reform, which will ensure all Libyans can
exercise their democratic rights without fear of imprisonment and repression.


Voices of Justice : Free Tripoli Prisoners