Human rights in tiny township

Human rights in tiny township

August 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela Vos

This petition is asking Tiny Township to change its RU bylaws prohibiting home based businesses on private property. 
prohibition of family and friends to use our land to park, bring rv, put up a tent or store large mobile items. 

Our Story

In 2019 my husband glen and I set on a mission for a retirement dream.
We sold our home in Springwater and spent many homeless months looking for the perfect property to pursue our dreams.
We finally found land and a home that fit a profile we were looking for—The 21 acre property that matched our retirement dreams with the ability to build a more suitable home. Even though it was far from friends and family. We knew they would be able to visit and stay on our property. 

When we bought the property we decided to start a home based business:

• Mill wood
• Provide storage
• Provide unique camping experiences
• Growing food (vegetables and eggs)

None of the bylaws at the time, prohibited any of these business ventures.

The new bylaws are now prohibiting all of these income generating ideas as well as prohibiting my family and friends from parking in our driveway or camping on our property when visiting.

As a result of these new bylaws, we will no longer be able to generate income from the property including milling wood for our own use. It will now cost us $1000 a month all winter long to heat our home.

without family, friends and my husband who has to travel for work because Simcoe County has fallen behind the provincial standards for income. It would be challenging to maintain our future Paradise.

All of the prohibitions in the new bylaws will increase the cost of maintaining our property at a level that will be impossible to achieve in retirement.
These bylaws infringe on the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. They are literally trying to steal away some thing that we bought and make it cost us money instead of providing us income.
These bylaws were passed without residents fully understanding the ramifications. When we purchased the property, it was designated as agricultural and forestry. Our retirement dream was to be as self sufficient as possible by milling the wood for heating, growing food in the summer and having land for my family and friends to enjoy when they visited.
We had our friends and family come once And we had a bylaw notice about people Using our land for habitation.

I want to also point out that the definition and meaning of “habitation” is wrongly interpreted in the bylaw 4:18 a) is already worded to imply long term stays and again has us the community respectful knowing We could have our families come and stay a week or two in their RVs for a vacation is a completely normal Canadian thing to do.
Staying a weekend at a friends place in their backyard in a tent trailer or whatever else that they decide to sleep in without discrimination what their health concerns might be or what their culture and or religion may require. Including a Teepee Motorhome RV trailer car van truck tent is not “habitation”
“Use the noun habitation to talk about the place where a person or animal lives, or the process or act of living in a specific spot.”

Family and friends should be able to stay on a 21 acre property in their RV when visiting us.
It is part of our Canadian culture and has been a part of my life for 46 years. Not only have I been pushed north for my retirement dream to be stolen away now it seems like the community would like to take away The ability to have family, networks of cultural diversity, income, or a response from our community leaders about prevention and education.
my 21 acre property in the middle of nowhere has no close neighbors.
So I’m asking my friends family residence of tiny Township not only to help me save our retirement dream but to protect your rights to use your property to produce income and have family as well. These new bylaws are restrictive and short sighted.
While I appreciate the need for bylaws to maintain order, these new bylaws seems highly prohibitive.

I also encourage you to think about how these bylaws and zoning regulations may affect your income or your dreams for your property including your family time. I’m hoping to get enough involved that we can have all these bylaws amended as a group action






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Signatures: 211Next Goal: 500
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