Temporary visa holders must look after by Australian government in current circumstances

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Temporary visa holders should look after by Australian government in current circumstances by extending visa for not becoming unlawful citizen and providing basic needs.

Australia government need to look after temporary residents who are affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak in Australia. Entire world is panic by COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) and was affected on people Health and country Economic. By this it will impact on every person life.  As far Every nation is taking precaution to prevent from virus by closing border, Non- Essential Activities and some are lock down the country to slow the spread of virus.

Australia Federal and State government had taken measures for Australia residents by announcing economic rescue package which is the Coronavirus Supplement from Centrelink that was a wonderful idea.

Regarding the Temporary Resident visa holders who are studying or working in Australia which they cannot go back to home country in this situation due to closing borders. Temporary resident from all over the world are staying in Australia on Student visa, Temporary Graduate visa, Holiday working visa, Temporary skill shortage visa and other temporary visas holders of families who are living in their own country are panic by  the current situation in Australia.

Temporary residents are Psychologically disturbed by current virus outbreak. They are financially in hard situation by losing job and not even go back to their home country. They are fear “how they are going to survive in Australia without job”. At least Australian residents are living with their families and not the temporary residents have, as well as their overseas families are emotionalise thinking about their Son/ daughter/cousin are facing in Australia.

At present situation some families from overseas they don’t have ability send money due to the lock down and economic crisis which they can’t support temporary resident in Australia.

Reason for this is that we are requesting the government to take steps for Temporary visa holders which they are effect with the current crisis in the Australia.  At present situation “lost jobs and fear with visa expiry”.

  •  Specially, Student visa holders are affected more than other visa holder in terms of paying Studies fees, House rent and managing living expenses. Government need to take further step for students which they can enrol 2 units instead of 4 units in upcoming Semester and giving one semester visa extension which can reduce financial burden to students.
  • Coming to 485 visa they get 18 months to 2 years visa which they can stay in Australia and can work full time, due to this crisis they had lost jobs and at least it will take them 6 months to get into work. They were not going to work for 6 months on their visa. Government need to extend them 6 months visa.
  • Government need to give access to superannuation to Temporary resident same as Australian resident (Australian resident who ever lost their job or affected with COVID-19 (coronavirus) they can have access to superannuation or receive the payment from Centrelink which is truly a great decision. Centrelink access had only for Australian Permanent resident or Citizen).
  • Government need to provide basic needs to Temporary residents and try to cut down 50% or waiver the house rent while in emergency.
  • Government need to extend visa for every temporary resident without any conditions such as obtain Coe, English score etc which going to expire from now until crisis under control. "If they are unable to get visa extension", they will be Unlawful citizen in Australia.

Australia government need to help Temporary visa holders, as they are living away from families.