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Human Rights Campaign needs to endorse Bernie Sanders

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For almost all of Hillary's career, she has had conflicting stances when it came to rights of LGBTQ(Lesbians, Gays, BIsexuals, Transgender, Queer). This is why I, as well as many other LGBTQ Bernie supporters, were confused when we discovered that Hillary was to be endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign(HRC). Bernie has been advocating for gay rights since 1972, he claimed all throughout the 70's that all laws that permit discrimination based on sexuality should be abolished. In 1983 he supported Burlington Vermont's fist pride march. In 1997, he stated in his book "Outsider in the House" that, "A vision which says that we judge people not by their color. Their gender. Their sexual orientation. Their nation of birth-- But by the quality of their character. And that we will never accept sexism. Racism. Or homophobia." In 1999 he voted no on banning gay adoptions in Washington DC, in the same year, Hillary supported DOMA(Defense on Marriage Act) until about 2007. In 2000 she also claimed that she believes that marriage should be as it has always been, in between one man and one woman. During Hillary doing all this Bernie was voting for:

1996: Voted against DOMA

2004: Voted no on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

2006: Voted no on the constitution defining marriage as one man and one woman

2010: Argues to repeal "Don't Ask. Don't Tell"

2011: Signed student Non-Discrimination Act. (It made it illegal to exclude students from educational programs on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity)

In 2006 HRC itself rated politicians on their stance on LGBTQ rights based on their voting record and gave Bernie 100%. This means that there is nothing else that Bernie could do according to HRC to be rated higher than he already was rated. On the flip side, HRC gave Hillary 89% which is still a lot, but why endorse Hillary when it is obvious who the candidate to endorse is Bernie. This is why the Human Rights Campaign must reconsider their endorsement of Hillary Clinton and consider endorsing Bernie Sanders.

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