Crime branch investigation and Justice to daughter-in-law burnt alive by father-in-law

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She was 21 years old, a mother of 4 months kid. She was innocent, kind hearted and a lovable person. She was married for just 3 years. She was young & a beautiful soul.

But she could not escape from the evil eyes of her father-in-law, yes own FATHER-IN-LAW, who raped her multiple times and when she started raising her voice, she was burnt alive. The pain she went through was immense, and can’t be explained in words. They frightened her in the name of her 4 months innocent kid. She kept shouting “help me, help me”” till she was 95% burnt ALIVE.

In the hospital she was in ventilator with lots of pain and she could not make it to the world. She closed her eyes within 2 days. Her last words were “save my child”. Her 4 months old child who is taken by her in-laws, somewhere, nobody knows….

Sibangi (Ria) is from Rourkela and married to Avinash Khemka, who belongs to Rairangpur, Odisha.

It’s not just her. This petition for all those girls, women, who are raped, kicked, beaten, frightened, burnt and killed. Who are under so much pressure from the evil that they have to forcefully close their eyes from this whole world.


Please support and sign this petition to make a voice and case against the evil (her in-laws); who made such a heinous sin. Please support me to reach this petition to the prime minister of India and to start a crime branch investigation on the case. Help me to get arrested her in-laws, who are underground and do the justice to the innocent Sibangi (Ria).