Stop actively blocking offers to train people in OUR PARKS

Stop actively blocking offers to train people in OUR PARKS

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Just to update you all. As you know I've been fighting for the right to use not just East Park, but all parks in general. My dream is to share routines great working practices, and an ethos of being just like an amateur sports club. Menial subs towards costs, but not be about purely making money As a business.
East Park is a great location which I know inside out, and the other aim is to create park routines/ challenges people could learn to do themselves or in own groups.
This may be able to happen soon BUT.. the people ruining our parks ( not a typo) seem to be intent on charging 2 year fixed contracts to anyone, and still may be restricting who can get in which parks too. Effectively selling them off. :(
If they do want huge fees, ( which will put off trainers, and definitely not encourage them)..then I will NOT be committing to 2 years, fixed contract. 1stly as I prefer ( as you do too) to get back inside when the weather and light is detrimental to effective training.
It's such a lift to myself, to see huge improvement in most of you, and quickly too. I have over 35 years of training routines I've done, 14 years in post as an Army PTi, the degree and psychology for very high in depth knowledge of what each one of you will struggle with, and the coached answer to improve you ALL.
Hoping West Hull PTi will start to swell numbers soon too so as to use all this expert experience, knowledge and above all PASSION to help each and everyone of you improve your own fitness levels. All while having a great laugh, fun getting out socially too..

Last night I saw such huge efforts, smiley faces, wincing and moaning, yet fighting to complete double combos on COMBATA..that boosted the negative feelings's that feeling you all get every time at training , I'd love to see more people enjoying..

True wealth is health

371 have signed. Let’s get to 500!