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Huge delay of 16316 and 16525 trains DAILY

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Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing this petition to bring to your notice one of the most annoying incident that has been happening recently, for the last 6 months or so. I am a regular traveller in Kochuveli-Bangalore trains (16315/16316 and 16525/16526) for the last 6+ years. We are a group of around 200 known friends who use 16315/16316 and 16525/16526 trains regularly on all weekends. There are a lot of others as well. Most of us hail from different parts of Kerala and work in various IT companies in Bengaluru. We have been using these trains for our regular weekend commute. It was really a boon for us, since they were convenient and running almost on-time on most of the days.

However, since last 6 months or so, the trains 16316 and 16525 (from Kerala towards Bangalore) are running with a huge delay in their actual time table. The trains are almost delayed by 2 hours especially on Monday mornings, to reach the destination. Since most of us work in IT companies, which brings maximum revenue to the Government, it is seriously affecting our productivity and thereby the contribution to the economy. 

As you already know, the bus lobby is trying hard to get control over the Kerala -Bangalore route, as it is one of the most profitable travel route. These trains run fully packed on most of the days, even the RAC passengers do not get a confirmed berth. That being the condition, it is a pity that these trains are not running as per schedule. 

We are traveling after paying the ticket amount. We are not asking for any concession or benefit from the Railways. Our only request is to run the trains on time.

Dear Officer, though while taking tickets, we get a notification that IR recovers only 57% of the ticket fare, you may be unaware that IR is recovering the rest as 'time'. As you know, time or man-hours are the most valuable resource in our country, it is annoying that the largest employer Indian Railways itself is wasting a lot of man hours daily. I would undoubtedly say that this is the largest loss to the nation.

For more proofs of the delay and hardships, you may check the status of trains online from this link:

Please enter the train number 16316 or 16525 and select KJM as destination. Select any date and you can yourself verify that these trains are running with a delay of at least 1 hour daily. 

For example, consider that the train runs for 30 days. It reaches the destination on time on 1 day. It is late by at least 45 mins on more than 20 days, and it is late by more than 1hr 30 mins on 9 days. This is the worst performance of any Govt enterprise.

As an officer or minister, you may not be aware of the problems faced by the common man. If the train runs or not, the officers will get salaries and bonuses. One may also get bribes. That is because of the system. Our system is so badly designed that the ill effect of any wrong doing by a Govt officer is borne by the public. But, please note that gone are those days where officers could play hell with the life of common man. Now the times have changed. With the advent of technology and Internet, we have access to the legal and official system in this country. 

We had also complained about this matter a lot of times through the twitter handle, but the response is annoying. Most officers are trying to pass on the responsibility from their shoulders to someone else. We either get a standard response, such as "we are looking into the matter", "we have informed the matter to the concerned officials", "The train is late due to bad weather and heavy rain", "There was a tree fall on railway track near <XYZ>" and so on. These are simply childish way of responding to a complaint. We do not want such kind of auto-set reply, but what we need is a workable solution. 

Another point that I want to bring to your kind attention is that these trains are getting delayed from Trivandrum division itself. For instance, in the case of 16316, the train is delayed much before KAYAMKULAM JN itself, which is just the 3rd stop as per schedule. On Most of the days, it reaches ERNAKULAM JN with a delay of more than 30-40 mins. After that it continues the delay, even though buffer time is provided in the time table. Because of this delay, it enters the SWR region with delay and the same is carried forward in KUPPAM, BANGARAPET, and KRISHNARAJAPURAM. It is sad that DRMs at Trivandrum, Salem and Bagnalore are not taking up the responsibility and passing on to someone else. 

We too can make a change. We are not fighting for anything. We are just asking some of you to do a little bit of work for the money that you get, so that lives of hundreds of people can be improved. This issue can be resolved, because earlier, this issue was not there. The trains were running as per schedule. It's only recently that we see this kind of unacceptable delay.

Note that this incident has been covered by Malayala Manorama as an online report: . This strengthens our cause.

Hope this does not fall into deaf ears. We will try our best to get a justice. Because in this country, we believe Justice is for everyone.

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