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Huffington Post: Remove OR EDIT the latest post by Pete Cashmore

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UPDATE: We have offered Pete a compromise - at least the addition of 'helplines' or other places where people can get help if they suffer with a mental health disorder. That way, we can hopefully avoid any other people getting hurt.


I have recently contacted Huffington Post about removing an article on their website called Ten Reasons It's Fun To Suffer From Depression, as it has caused an extreme amount of upset in the MH community. I run a mental health support forum & Facebook group and there was a discussion on this topic which led to a lot of people getting very upset about the matter. I posted a comment on the article explaining this to Pete Cashmore and summarising what many of our users thought about the article. Yes some could see it as funny but the majority said it made them feel ashamed to have a mental health disorder, depressed, lonely and some even suicidal. In fact, I received this message this morning (PLEASE NOTE THE MESSAGE BELOW MAY BE TRIGGERING)

Hi Bex,

I'm sorry I haven't been online over the weekend. I have just got back from hospital after an attempted OD & they kept me in for a few days for psych stuff. I couldn't help it, I read that why depression is fun article again and it hit home that nobody actually gives a shit. If people like him who ARE supposed to be in the public eye can write things like that and get seen by thousands then what is the point in any of us trying to raise positive awareness? I felt so sick & worthless, he made me feel like everything we have been doing is a complete waste of time. I'm really sorry, I feel like I have let you down.

I have cut out the rest as it was quite personal but the member gave me permission to put that section in a petition. If this can happen in a forum of just 100 people then what on earth has it done to the rest of the mental health community? I have submitted a request for removal, but now we need more people to agree that this article should be taken down immediately, before it does any more harm.


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