Sign for the Huawei P10 Series to receive EMUI 10, and be included in the official list.

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Huawei P10 Series has marked a before and after in the mobile world, and that is thanks to its specifications that today can continue to support large updates.

We do not understand why large companies cannot continue to invest time and money to develop new updates, it is important to say that not all users are capable of renewing their mobiles. And for us Huawei P10 wearers, it is essential that you receive EMUI 10, because we are completely sure that it has the necessary characteristics.

To date, an important list of Smartphone that will have EMUI 10 has been confirmed, and that is something that we are grateful for without a doubt. But it is evident that there are terminals that have a lower processor than the Kirin 960, and that is something that is not fair.

The Huawei P10 is a flagship of 2017, which deserves to age in a big way. We only ask that you receive EMUI 10 under Android 10, this will demonstrate the great capacity of Huawei before the competition; It would also demonstrate the commitment and importance that the manufacturer has towards the carriers of these legendary Smartphone.

We are all going to sign this petition, not only the carriers of a Huawei P10; but all those who today have a signature mobile, so that together we can achieve an important change in the supports of the high-end mobile phones of the Asian giant.