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Remove this hate page - discriminative- inciting fear and prejudice

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We understand that much has been written about the PitBull. From being known as the "Nanny Dog", appearing in movies like  "Little Rascals" to being labelled as a VICIOUS KILLER.

What makes it worse is that the Human Element has taken a breed of dog and fostered an environment in which these animals are groomed to support a growing and seemingly unstoppable "sport", for lack of a better word.  What should be understood is that any dog given the right set of circumstances can be turned into a potential danger either through training or conditioning.

To make the unfounded claims that all PitBulls are a danger and not a Pet is prejudicial.  This same kind of prejudice and discrimination has been the catalyst for many incidents where people through fear and incitement have taken matters into their own hands, leaving behind a trail of carnage.

Early socialisation and training play an integral part in ensuring that any dog breed turns into a balanced and healthy pet.   It is the sole purpose of a dog owner to research their breed and ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to set their dogs up for SUCCESS. It is also the pet owner's duty to ensure that all members of the family are educated about the breed, that training is a family "thing", boundaries are set up and that children are never, left alone with any pet.

To encourage such hatred for a breed is irresponsible.   All dog breeds have the potential to maim or harm either an adult or child. Yes, let's be realistic and acknowledge that negative situations have occurred, costly situations. However, if you are going to report; ensure that all incidences about all breeds are mentioned. 

As  owners of 4 rescued Pitbulls, 2 being groomed for a fighting ring, 1 a Bait Dog and the other abandoned, we can say with sincerity that we have never ever had an incident.   The trauma experienced by them have not turned them against humans instead they are the most amazing family pets. They interact with people and children perfectly.

Let's educate, NOT berate.  Remove this page from Facebook.


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