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We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Transport Ministers of each and every State in Australia, and each State Cabinet, to NOT implement Compulsory Single File for all cyclists who ride in groups,  regardless of whether a bike lane exists or not.

We also call on the respective Transport Ministers of Australia to NOT implement a prohibition of cyclists on all roads with a designated speed limit higher than 80kph,  if those roads don’t have designated Bike Lanes.

We are taxpayers and deserve dollars being spent on road systems with designated bike lanes, however due to the bike lane system being ad-hoc, we reserve the right as taxpaying cyclists to continue to ride 2 abreast on the roads as per the current national road laws. Where needed we reserve the right to move from the road shoulder/ bike lane into the lanes to avoid parked cars, road construction / road furniture, debris, pot holes and other obstructions. We are not safety hazards we are fellow human beings and deserve the same respect all road users should have,  we're tired of being told we're a bad cyclist if we complain about this problem.

We, the undersigned citizens of Australia, believe our money is being well spent every time a bike lane is built on a main road allowing more people to use this facility for commuting and recreation, thus removing noxious gas spewing vehicles from our communities.

We believe there is no safer way to ride, based on our existing infrastructure, than riding in groups 2 abreast, as is currently the law . Indeed,  every text book on the subject of Risk Management says that “Isolating a Hazard” is a superior solution than changing the way people operate. Building a Bike Lane is an example of “Isolating the Hazard”, Therefore if the bike lane system was as comprehensive as the existing road system, and not ad-hoc as it is, we would be happy to use that.

Again, we say, Transport Ministers of Australia, please DO NOT implement Compulsory Single File and ban cyclists from roads with a speed limit higher than 80kph if no bike lane exists. As this would be a step backwards against our civil rights as citizens of Australia.