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Eliminate Myxomatosis - stop killing our rabbits for profit.

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Why is the Australian government tormenting our pets and breaking our hearts? 

Rabbits? A beloved pet to many Australian families. Many of them will a painful long death this year due to virus Myxomatosis the Government has created to control the wild population within Australia. Our rabbits are not pests why are they treated like one? Why are we forced to pay the emotional and financial costs of our animals suffering and being put down? Why is that we cannot even get a vaccine to make our pets not suffer but instead you have made us murder our own animals by putting them down because we have no CHOICE?

We work hard to maintain healthy lives for them with costly vet fees which contribute a hugely significant amount to tax yet, we are slapped with this? Cats and dogs have vaccines to protect them but rabbits don't? I am going to put this plain and simple to you from a personal perspective and maybe then you may understand our pain.

Companionship and love, isn't always found in people some people have their pets as friends I am sure you do. I myself have had to put my rabbit of 5 years down but that wasn't the hardest part. I have an severely autistic brother that is afraid of dogs due to the noise. Our ideal pet was a rabbit they do not make noise, or attack anyone, they are simply gentle creatures. I came home one day and saw all the symptoms of the disease. I rushed to vet there was no cure no matter how much money I wanted to spend to save it.

YOU took the compassion and love away from what that animal gave us. YOU left our pets all over Australia gasping for air, burning, in pain and it takes two weeks of this excruciating pain to really kill them? what if people can't afford to put their pets down? There are laws to protect animals but none to protect our rabbits in Australia? Your dog isn't a pest and our rabbit isn't either. There are many ways to prevent wild rabbits eating crops beside making them go through excruciating pain slowly instead of finding a quick fix you need to find the right fix.

Already abused in laboratories, killed for hunting for fun, run over, and killed for fur. Now even the people that love them have to kill them so they won't suffer? How unethical and unjust is this? do you not have a heart? what will it take for the government to realise what they are really doing?

The virus was introduced to Australia in the 1950's to control the population which was effective? but the government has had 60 plus years to try find a more ethical way to do this or better yet offer owners a vaccine so at least their pets don't have to suffer like the ones in the wild. 

No matter what disease you will introduce you will never take away the love our rabbits gave us lest we forget our furry friends who have now become a death statistic thanks to the Australian governments poor excuse of a quick fix. 




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