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Stop the Chop

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We are doing a project which involves us taking action on an important issue. We decided to try to stop deforestation in rainforests. We need to stop deforestation because animals such as The Bornean Orangutan, The Mountain Gorilla and The Giant Panda are losing their habitats. These poor animals are threatened by deforestation. These animals may not be from rainforests, but they are suffering from this. 

Even though there are over three trillion trees in the world, 15 billion of them are being cut down! When people illegally remove trees, it's contributing to deforestation. Many animals are left without homes.

Think to yourself what if, just what if someone came to your house and destroyed it? What if, you were left fighting to build or find another home, what would you do then? People remove trees for more land to build houses, for creating space that's used for cattle ranching, as well as harvesting timber for making homes, paper and furniture. They're also tearing out trees because of the palm oil that some trees might contain. 

Trees don't only produce paper. They produce oxygen. If people continue to rapidly rip out trees, stripping rainforests of them, how will anything in the rainforest survive? The animals will not only be left without habitats, but they won't have oxygen. 
Also people need to remember that us human beings need oxygen to breathe as well. How will we live without oxygen? From what I think, if we keep removing trees the human race would soon become extinct. Do these people think about these animals? 

137 species of animals become extinct each day. 50,000 species cease to exist every year, due to deforestation. If we don't act upon it now, 10% of species will no longer live within the next 25 years which is quite a scary thought.   

We care about deforestation and making sure animals have homes. That’s why we chose to make a petition. We hope you have got our backs and that you will help us put a stop to deforestation. That`s why we would love for you to sign and support our petition. Let's put a stop to this as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Hasini and Lara
Year 5


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