Need refund for money spent on League of Angels

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Need refund for money spent on League of Angels

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Albu Dany started this petition to and

Hi, i would like to report League of Angels game owned by GTArcade , YOUZU GAMES Limited company for a serious scam.

They run a very questionable policies, even their ToS is questionable.

Once the player start playing on new server they must pay real money in order to evolve in game and buy items, but the problem is that they , the developers of this game,  have one of their employee playing the game with unlimited resources to push other to spend more money.

Another problem with this League of Angels game is that it's full of bugs and cheaters .Even Forum moderators recognize that there are players who use bugs and cheats on their advantage ... , look what one moderator told us :

'' Dear Players, this player should have been banned from the beginning, he was caught cheating and abusing bugs to his advantage quite a lot of times, even if we gave him chance to not repeat he did it constantly so his account should be permanently banned now. ''

Developers doesn't do anything against those cheaters and more then that they doesn't fix any bugs .... more bugs in game = more $$$ on their pockets !

Now, every time when we  found a questionable player ( cheater ), they will say those players are using unauthorized third party bot and they ban him for a few days only to be released again to continue playing with this illegal third party bot.

Their support system never works, the only way to complain is through the forum, but even then we need to wait for days or weeks if anything will be done. There are plenty of issues in this game and we believe they don't even care enough to fix it.

They only care about new ways to get more people to pay, they just add new features in game which never work or doesn't do whatever they must do , but they never fix the bugs. This game become unplayable already.

In 1 year i spent like $5000 in this game and i don't have even 1% from what top players have... It's to hard for me to believe that those players spent 500 000 $ in this game .....Even 50 000 $ it's hard to believe.

This is why i ask your help trying to convince more players to quit from this game, until it's not to late and/or stop new players starting playing . We must do something ....

At the end i also try to convince those Developers to refund my money spent in this game , i don't enjoy this game anymore, nobody can do that because of so many bugs and cheaters.

Thank you so much

With all respect



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This petition had 139 supporters