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To shut their website down because they are scamming people.

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I wanted to start a petition against Mr. Robert John Zimmerman Sr. and Ms. Gladys Christina Zimmerman because they are running a scam website. Your wondering why? Well i'm going to break it down for you into pieces.

1.) "First, George has been portrayed savagely in the media. I would appreciate the opportunity to let people know what our son is truly like. Therefore, a brief and honest description of George is provided."

He hasn't been "savagely protrayed" How can that happen? He murdered someone in cold blood murder and since then has said nasty things about the Trayvon Martin supporters and has changed his story NUMEROUS times. It's not our fault that your son CAN NOT tell the truth and is a racist.

2.)" Secure life we once knew is now just a memory. Therefore, I am providing a link for those supporters who would like to leave us a personal message or contribute to our greatly increased living expenses, and our eventual relocation."

Don't you guys get social security? Isn't your husband an EX judge? Why do you guys need donations? Why all of a sudden do you guys need donations? You guys had EVERY and ANY oppurtunity to get donations or move but you guys waited till now? Thats VERY fishy. Also. how come on the donate section, why does $50 pop up?

3.) "Note – I am not, and never cared to be, a writer. Please excuse any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation."
Arent you an Ex-Judge? Wouldn't you know how to spell? Didn't you go to college?

Honestly , I wouldn't be suprised if this was GEORGE running this site or if he has pumped them into doing this because now he has been recieving donations. I want this website shut down. You guys are scamming people to make a better and higher living. If this site is NOT shut down , I will take legal action for fraud. This is so sad that you guys are taking money from people just to make a better life for you guys when simply you can get a job or get government assistance. There are poor people that can use help. Instead f being money hungry and greedy , give back to the people that REALLY need it but you guys wont ever do that because it take kindness and love which apparently you guys don't have in your hearts. Welfare and foodstamps exist. USE IT IF YOUR DESPERATE.

For more of what they have to say, here is the website:

Robert didn't let George play with the other kids of other races and Gladys you beat him as a child. Mr. Zimmerman and Ms. Zimmerman should be ashamed of what you guys created and what you guys did to this man. SMH.

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