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Clear The Landmines

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Landmines are cruel weapons, a remnant of war that still kills long after the war is finished. Every year hundreds of innocent people are killed by landmines. A landmine does not discriminate, it's just as likely to blow up an elephant than a villager.

Myanmar, a country in Asian bordered by India, Thailand, and China (All countries with a horrendous animal welfare record) is the 3rd most landmine-ridden country and one of a handful of countries along with Syria and Afghanistan to still use landmines. The army routinely lays landmines for "border defenses". In reality, the mines are used to keep out fleeing refugees from the war-torn neighboring countries. Unfortunately, an elephant migration route runs through the landmines. The elephants of Myanmar are critically endangered, and the use of landmines are only shrinking their numbers. Experts estimate that there are only 200-300 elephants left in the wilds of Myanmar.

One Elephant has already been killed , another had an entire foot blown off. The crippled Elephant died a slow and painful death.Its carcass, food for scavengers. Elephants that only get partially blown up are the lucky ones. Even though they are maimed for life. The Chief Conservator of Forest, the person charged for the care of the elephants showed concern but was unwilling to remove the landmines.

Landmines are indiscriminate weapons, they kill both young and old, humans and innocent animals. It's for good reason that 80% of the world have banned the use of landmines. With your help, Myanmar can become the next country to ban the use of landmines. Please sign and share.

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