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Release TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode associated with the Amaze 4G

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Last year, HTC reached out to their customers asking for feedback about their locked bootloaders. We responded and they actually listened and announced they would no longer lock the bootloaders on their phones. This was great news, it now became easier for us to permenately root, and flash custom roms with ease. However, this did not make it easier to flash custom kernels, but of course thanks to our developers, we found a way to do it on our htc Amaze 4g anyway. I'm hoping that htc will listen to their customers again, who are now reaching out to them. Our request is for htc to release the TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode, associated with the Amaze 4g. And yes, htc, you may not be violating GPL by not releasing it, but you are violating the trust and the relationship between you and your loyal customers. You say you don't have to release the drivers if you dont want to, but why wouldnt you want to make your customers happy? What happened to being this "developer-friendly" company? When your company made the choice to produce devices that used the android os, you came in knowing that it was required to be open-sourced, so why are you trying to find loopholes to avoid releasing them and completely going against the spirit and the whole point of open-source. We paid top dollar to own this device, yet we still don't fully own it because you are still controlling what we can or can't do with. Do the right thing and make us happy and keep us as loyal customers by providing us with the TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode for the Amaze 4g so we can get the most out of this amazing phone you have made for us.

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