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Return integrity to HSTA

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In this age of declining union strength, when the government minions of corporate America seek to upend the collective bargaining rights that built America’s middle class, it is imperative that unions act with integrity and solidarity.  Without these two ideals continuously exposed to the light of public scrutiny, unions are destined to impel the suspicion of those who do not enjoy similar rights.  It is even more critical that union leadership maintain the faith and support of their membership to ensure the union is not splintered from within, accelerating the union’ demise.

Thus, the actions of many of the Hawaii State Teachers Association’s Board of Directors in 1) refusing to certify a democratic election process, in 2) refusing to publicize the original election results, in 3) refusing to delineate the specific “irregularities” concerning them, in 4) refusing to specify which Directors voted to reject the election and his/her personal stake in said election, and in 5) refusing to verify that these “irregularities” were so grievous as to cast the election results in doubt, have displayed an egregious breech of ethics and trust.

Therefore, we the signers of this petition, concerned teachers and parents and students, are demanding that you address the concerns listed above immediately. Publicize the original elections results, the number of specific complaints from teachers who were not allowed to vote due to irregularities, determine whether or not that number constitutes a percentage high enough to invalidate the original election, certify the original election if they do not, or alert the membership within the next 5 school days of the election process that will be used to hold a new (third) election – including guarantees that both parties will be present at each polling site to ensure there are no further “irregularities” as we build a union strong enough, united to withstand the onslaught we face daily.


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