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Black Lives Matter is NOT political!

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The Superintendent of my children’s school district, Dr. Allen Bourff, recently sent a letter to staff with regards to their Black History Month curriculum. He asked teachers to treat the Black Lives Matter movement as a “political issue,” and to “teach it without advancing it or promoting your personal views." 

The Black Lives Matter movement is based on the idea that Black people deserve safety and happiness. Their lives should matter just like those of white people. There is nothing political about valuing human life, and someone who disagrees with that should not be teaching our children. 

We’re asking our school district to replace Superintendent Bourff with someone who values HSE’s Black families just as much as our white families. 

Black history is OUR history and it needs to be included and included honestly and truthfully. The ability for any person of any nationality to see themselves in our history books and the truthful representation of history is how we start to fix the ugliness that has resided in our country for hundreds of years.

The problems we are facing in our nation are due to the ugliness of racism, and we have to stand together in unity to make change.

We want better for our community. It’s time for Superintendent Bourff to go.

While he is retiring soon, we need to make it VERY clear to the board and administrators that we will NOT stand for another superintendent that holds the same racist values that Dr. Bourff must in order to have sent the message he did. We must band together to show that speaking up for what is right, and valuing the life of those who have been oppressed is not political, it's how we show that another human matters!

The future HSE superintendent should be someone of higher character, preferably a person of color who can lead our school into the future from a healthier perspective. The district needs to reopen submissions until they have valid and worthy candidates that fit these criteria.

Sign this petition if you think our children deserve an education based on truth and justice – and Superintendent Bourff is the wrong person to provide that.

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