Halifax: Lets Get our First Indoor Skate Park

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I'm making this petition to start an indoor skate park movement. We only have about five to six months of being able to skate, bike, scooter, or rollerblade in warm weather. It would be nice to have a place to go for the cold winter days or even during the summer when it rains a lot. During the winter or rain days we find our selves skating around underground parking garages which is technically private property, but what choice do we have when we have no other option to do the activities we love. Skating, scootering, and biking underground parking lots are a challenge though, when we get kicked out of the parking lots by security we have no other option to go and it's not fair to us. I feel like the city has to start paying attention to these activities that are growing at a fast rate. If the parents, skaters, scooters and bikers come together we could make this work! It would be very helpful if you took a little bit of your time to sign this petition and help halifax build our first indoor skatepark.