Promote All the Students

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Friends, as we know, the education system along with the economy has been badly affected due to this epidemic. In view of the increasing case of income day, everyone is worrying about the remaining examinations or all those who have not been done yet, that if we also take the exam then we will not get infected?

Students of open schooling are being discriminated against as well. The date sheet of the children of nios has been released, but the government is keeping silence on the question of the nearest examination center. cbse students have been given this facility, so why not for nios students?

This is not the only thing, the number of students of IGNOU is very large and in this environment no one wants to take RISK. STUDENTS of 1ST AND 2nd YEAR of UNIVERSITY OF DELHI have been PROMOTE without examination. STUDENTS of IGNOU should also be promoted.

We all know that India is the only country in the world where it is the youngest and in such a situation it is the future of the country. The year of 2020 has been very painful for the whole world. When the economy of many countries collapsed, many countries succumbed to this epidemic. Due to this infection, the economy has been damaged and millions of people have also been known, but still it is not taking the name of freeze and in the meantime all the students are facing problems.

In this situation, STUDENTS of NIOS, IGNOU, ICSE BOARD, like all BOARDs, should be promoted for this year.