Caste based reservation in Educational sector to be abolished. Meritocracy to be promoted.

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Caste based reservation or Quota in Educational and Services sectors have been politicized to such a level that certain sections of the society have started using this as a tool to claim benefits without really deserving this just because of the quota system. While the ones who really work hard and have put in efforts to study or have come up purely based on merit have become a Joke, due to political parties supporting caste based reservations and vote bank politics.

1. It is a known fact that majority of the subsidies and reservation allocated for certain caste's and schedule tribes is being misused to get into top rated educational institutes without really being a deserving candidates based on merit or grades. 

2. The above is rampant in cities where parents of such SC/ST/OBC students may not necessarily be from financially backward class. However, just want to use as a gateway to institutes, which does not merit their efforts. This has hampered the general category students who in most cases have worked hard to get good grades, however are denied admission as a certain percentage of these available seats are reserved for students from SC/ST/OBC, although they may have secured lower grades. 

3. The current situation seems to be getting bad to worse as a small section of linguistic minority colleges which did not allow such reservations have been arm twisted recently by the same SC/ST/OBC section to now provide reservations in those colleges too. This despite the fact that more than 99% colleges across the state have a reservation for them. However, they still need it for the remaining 1% colleges.  My question is why?

4. Will the general category or linguistic minority such as Sindhi's, Gujrati's or Punjabi's also get a quota in the above mentioned 99% colleges. If not, then why quota for those section's which already have a sizable number of seats available across the state in more than 300 colleges.

5. The recent event where SC/ST/OBC have demanded reservations even in linguistic minority colleges is a further shame to our education systems. The fact that government is considering this is a  further embarrassment. This needs to be put an end to. Because of quota system more than half of the seats are being reserved for those who fall under different categories. In many competitive exams, children having some categories get benefits they don't deserve to beat a student falling under general category because from the day of their birth they get an upper hand on the general category children. A student falling in general category despite securing higher grades, than these students is not able to qualify further.  Isn't this wrong ?. 

6. It has been 68 years post independence and we are still following an article which was constituted for a limited period of 20 years only, by the Father of Indian constitution - Dr Bhabha Saheb Ambedkar, who wanted to ensure equal opportunity for the socially backward class which will help them get acceptance in the overall society and economy. Although the same has already been achieved to a great extent (at-least in towns, cities and metro's), however, his thought has been twisted by certain political parties with vested interests and the limited period of 20 years have continued till date. Such politically vested interest continue to discriminate and create a further divide within the society for their personal gains, thereby blocking Meritocracy. 

7. If a Country like Bangladesh can abolish caste based reservations, why can't a nation like India not do it ? 

8. I urge you all to please sign this petition to stop the current wave of reservation demanded from linguistic minority colleges, which are giving admission based on meritocracy and abolish the overall reservation system from education, government and public utility services. 


Amit Chhabria - A sincere citizen of India who wants to see the country grow on Meritocracy and not fall into the deep pit of caste and religion based discrimination.