In all play schools and kindergartens CCTV footage should be available to the kids parents

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Iam the father of a 2 yeras kid.Today I have seen a video in zee news English that a care taker in a play school kicking one year kid with her legs and beating and throwing him on the floor in such a manner that every parent in this world have tears in thair eyes after watching that. Now the video is going viral on social media. Thanks for the zee news for bringing that to public attention. I request the ministry of education department and human rights commission to issue a mandate to all the play schools and kindergartens to make the CCTV footage (at least the recent 6 months) available to the kids parents when ever they needed on working hours of the playscool. Dear parents, we don't know how many such kind of incidents happening every day in play schools country wise. Please sign this petition so that we will demand education Ministry to make sure not even a single incidents of such type happens in the indian play schools in the future by making the CCTV footage available to the parents.