Cancel Final Year Exams

Cancel Final Year Exams

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Varun Sardesai started this petition to HRD MINISTER


Shri. Ramesh Pokhriyal Ji

HRD Minister

Sir, hope this letter finds you in good health. India has crossed the 7Lakh Covid Cases mark yesterday and is now the third worst affected country in the world. Since reporting the first case about 3 months back, the number of cases have only been on the rise.

UGC had earlier released guidelines which allowed Universities to take decisions based on the situation in their vicinity. Prioritising Health and Safety of Students and Education Fraternity, Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri. Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray took a decision of cancelling final years exams and allotting aggregate marks to students based on their previous semesters and internal marks.

Furthermore, Maharashtra Government also gave an option for Voluntary Exams for students wanting to better their grades.

This decision was widely accepted by students and Education fraternity at large and several other states affected by Covid took a similar decision following suit.

Yesterday UGC has released fresh guidelines that say Final Year Exams have to be ‘compulsorily’ conducted in the month of September. This has caused confusion, panic and immense stress amongst the Students and Education Fraternity.

Yuva Sena would like to raise a few concerns on behalf of the students regarding the same.

1. When exams were originally scheduled, Covid cases were far lesser and it had not reached all parts of our country. The cases have been steadily rising and we cannot be sure they would decline by September.

2. Online Infrastructure and Availability is poor in rural parts of our country, hence Online Exams cannot be an option. Offline Exams would be an invite to community transmission.

3. Lakhs of final year students have secured jobs as campus placements or enrolled in private Indian Universities or Foreign Universities. Exams in September would mean they effectively lose all these opportunities.

4. Reputed Foreign Universities and Indian Universities like IIT Mumbai have taken a decision to cancel exams even they have far lesser number of students, why insist of ‘compulsion’ of these exams?

5. Most courses follow semester pattern which means subjects change per semester. It effectively means a final year student has completed 85% - 90% of his course and even studied for the final semester. Hence an aggregate of previous examination marks is used by majority of foreign universities to evaluate students in these stressful times of Covid.

We humbly request your good office to address these concerns of the students and reconsider the decision of ‘compulsorily’ conducting Final Year examinations

0 have signed. Let’s get to 3,00,000!
At 3,00,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!