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On July 20th, congressional hearings begin on the process to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Joe Solmonese and the HRC are scheduled to testify, as well as some couples desiring to urge Congress to bring marriage equality to all LGBT citizens. However, no people of color nor binational couples are slated to be represented and that is an outrage.

The issue of separation and deportation directly impacts thousands of LGBT couples and it is imperative that we include their powerful testimony in this important debate. Tell HRC: Reject white privilege and diversify our representation!

Letter to
Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights Campaign
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Human Rights Campaign.

As an LGBT American, I am shocked that no representation of people of color or binational couples is present in the upcoming testimony during the congressional hearings to repeal DOMA. Deportation and separation directly impacts thousands of LGBT Americans and we need to show our many faces to our leadership.

Neglecting people of color and binational couples in the discussion on marriage equality is an outrage. Their powerful stories need to be heard, and I have signed this petition in order to demand the HRC include ALL LGBT Americans in this debate.

HRC: Wake up from white privilege and diversify!


Concerned member of the community.

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