Induct Eric "The Actor" Lynch into the National Radio Hall-of-Fame

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On September 20th 2014, Eric Shaun Lynch (aka Eric The Actor) passed away at the age of 39.  Those who loved and remember him say he finally flew with balloons.  A true original, Eric was dealt a brutal hand: club-footed, diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlo syndrome and dwarfism, confined to a wheelchair.  But the word "confined" doesn't quite fit, does it?

Despite all the obstacles he faced, Eric lived life to the fullest.  His passion for celebrities, television, music, and radio drove him to become a regular caller on The Howard Stern Show-- arguably the most popular daily show in the history of terrestrial and satellite radio-- and his appearances brought joy and laughter to millions of fans.  Love him or not, no one can deny Eric's passion for life and his fierce devotion to the principles he held dear.  He suffered no fools and pulled no punches, and was one of the very few guests who could hold their own on that show.  While at a glance many might expect a meek or even deferential figure, nothing could be further from the truth.  Eric's ferocity and passion teaches us that one's physical limitations need not confine.   

In addition to his appearances on The Howard Stern Show, Eric was also a successful actor who appeared on shows like In Plain Sight, Fringe, and American Dreams.   He also hosted an avant-garde American Idol companion show on Internet Radio that maintains a cult-following to this day.   But his greatest legacy remains as a featured guest and contributor to The Howard Stern Show, where he broke ground as one of the most iconic and polarizing members of the infamous Wack Pack.  

Eric had fewer chances or lucky breaks than most of us, and his range of medical problems called for a short and painful life.  But he somehow managed to defy the odds and outlive every prognosis except his own.  In the meantime, he established himself as a major cult figure in the history of radio-- one that looms large to this day.  His death leaves an enormous void in the landscape of broadcast and satellite radio that will likely never be filled.  

Five years after his passing, it is now time to recognize his achievements and honor his life by inducting Eric Lynch into the National Radio Hall-of-Fame.  As one of the greatest on-air personalities in the history of radio, Eric is proof that even the smallest among us can cast the longest shadow.  

You know what to do... you know what to do: Induct Eric "The Actor" Lynch into the National Radio Hall-of-Fame Class of 2020.  Bye for now.