Starbucks: Stand Up For Transgender Students

Starbucks: Stand Up For Transgender Students

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Started by Leopoldo Bloom

Dear Howard Schultz and Starbucks Employees,

Under the Trump administration my transgender life has been erased. Three years ago, my teaching career and twenty-year artistic practice was derailed after I filed a civil rights complaint with Arizona State University. After publishing emails on a private graduate student Facebook page that showed the cyber-bulling that toke place when I was on a health leave, my school retaliated with a suspension and slandered my name with fraudulent charges of student misconduct. Last year after ASU was not able to submit any evidence to the court to support their claims that I violated any code of student conduct, the Attorney General's of Arizona offered to clear my educational records only if I stopped trying to return to school.     

Here's where Starbucks comes in:

Your company needs to stand with transgender students and request that its educational partner, Arizona State University, stop retaliating academically against Leopoldo Bloom and allow him to return to his graduate studies for the 2019 Fall Semester. Starbucks should let Arizona State University know that Trans Students have  

  1. The right to privacy in their educational records and personal matters. Trans students should be treated like other students and be allowed to return to their studies after encountering health issues.
  2. Trans students should be able to report instances of bullying and hostile work environments without being retaliated against and slandered by teachers as having " mental health issues ".
  3. Transgender students have a right to a supportive and respectful educational environment. Their request for equal treatment should not be treated as a threat or disruptive behavior to staff and peers. Their academic progress should be judged on merit and academic performance.


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134 have signed. Let’s get to 200!