STOP BIG SOLAR in Eastern Howard county

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Various energy companies are proposing the largest solar facility in the midwest right here in Eastern Howard County.  They want to cover 4-7 thousand acres of prime farmland with solar panels that are 15 ft high.  The final acreage amount depends on what the companies are able to get passed.  These solar panels would be surrounded by a large chain link fence and barbed wire.   Many homes will be entangled in the proposed solar farm and completely surrounded.  The panels contain toxic metals that can not be properly disposed of at the end of their life span.  There is also concern with water shed contamination along with well water contamination in the event a a panel breaks. This land will sadly never be farmed again or produce food. We can not let this happen to our community.  Please sign if you are against bringing big solar to Howard County as this will eventually spread into all areas of the county.

Some Of The Concerns With Big Solar

Water Contamination
Well Contamination
Drainage Issues
Tiling Issues
Noise Concerns with inverters
Reduced Value Of Property.  Resale Value Plummeting
Health Concerns
Water Shed Contamination.  
Creeks, Rivers And Streams Contamination affecting thousands in the County
Raising Temperatures Around Panels
Maintenance To Panels
Use of Prime Farm Ground
Farm Ground Toxicity
Crop Toxicity / Neighboring Crops
Forever Chemicals In Panels Leeching 


The Howard County Citizens Against Big Solar is now accepting donations for advertising and administration expenses.

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PO Box 31
Greentown, IN 46936.

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