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Keep Veteran's Elementary School intact!

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There are currently two proposals to redistrict students that attend Veterans Elementary School.  The original feasibility study proposes that the residents of polygons 101, 102 and 217 move from Veterans Elementary School.  As part of this plan, specifically polygon 101 would be split apart from it's neighboring polygons - 1101 and 2101 - that attend Veteran's.  We do not believe polygon 101 should be split out from the rest of the Stonecrest neighborhood - polygons 1101 and 2101.

The revised DRAFT plan also moves the students in polygon 1101 from Veteran's to Worthington.

We oppose both the original plan from the feasibility study, and the draft plan for the below reasons:

 - These plans disrupt a continuous neighborhood by separating neighbor from neighbor, as literally children who live across the street from each other would attend different schools.

 - This plan pulls many children out of elementary school in their final 5th grade year, an important launching pad year for middle school.  It denies them the ability to graduate 5th grade from the only school home they have ever known, a school they have felt a part of since their first day of Kindergarten.

 - This plan denies students in polygon 101 the ability to walk to school, as many do often.  It pulls students in polygons 1101 and 101 from the elementary school that is closest in proximity to them.  

 - The original plan as part of the feasibility study does not assist with any overcrowding issues, as 80 students in total are being removed, but 110 students are being added.  In polygon 101 specifically, there are only 52 children.  Allowing these 52 or even 80 children to remain would crowd the school less than bringing in an additional 100 children.  

 - There are several studies that show a negative impact for moving children to a new school at a very young age.  This can have a negative impact on their social and psychological well being. These children have all come to know and love the staff and students at Veterans and they would , essentially, be starting over.

Although families with children impacted by this move certainly feel the most passionate, other families in the surrounding polygons, and county wide, are in opposition to the plan in an effort to keep the neighborhood and community together as it currently exists.  We have formed a tight community, and that would be completely disrupted by this move.

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