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Did you know that families are the fastest growing sector of the homeless population?  The term families, of course, usually includes children of various ages.

Apart from the obvious dangers posed by homelessness, there are major negative long term effects for children.

Homelessness Affects Children’s Development

Compared to those with homes, homeless children have:

-Four times the rate of developmental delays
-Two times the rate of learning disabilities
-Three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems

Homelessness Affects Children’s Health

Compared to children with homes, homeless children have:

-Two times the rate of respiratory infections
-Six times the risk of delays in growth
-Seven times the risk of anemia

Homelessness Affects Children’s School Attendance and Performance

-41% attend two schools in one year
-28% attend three or more schools in one year
-75% of homeless children test below grade level in reading
-54% of homeless children test below grade level in math


Here are some websites to visit:

Cuidando Los Niños:

Jardín de Los Niños:

Horizons for Homeless Children:

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth:

Children's Defense Fund:

National Coalition for the Homeless:

National Alliance to End Homelessness:

From Jaime Tamez



Learn about homelessness   :)

Read the Senate definition of homelessness   :)

We at NPACH want to ensure that everyone is fully informed about proposed changes to the HUD definition of homelessness. And we want to answer the questions that have been swirling around about just who the new language covers. So in this message we're going to do something that most national organizations have not been willing to.  We're going to print the language that's being proposed by Congress, at the end of this message, so all of you can fully evaluate it. 

We believe that the language does not cover enough vulnerable children, youth, and families who are living doubled up or in motels.   We believe that the language is overly complex, and would be difficult to administer at the local level.  And we wonder why, if we could get this language under President Bush, we can't get more expansive language under President Obama. 

If you share our concerns, please contact your Senators today and ask them to vote against the Reed amendment to add HUD McKinney-Vento legislation (S. 808), which includes this definition, to the housing bill currently on the Senate floor (S. 896). As always, we rely on the good judgment of those of you who work on the ground to end homelessness. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Jeremy Rosen, at or (202) 714-5378.

Proposed language:

`(a) In General- For purposes of this Act, the terms `homeless', `homeless individual', and `homeless person' means--

`(5) an individual or family who--
`(A) will imminently lose their housing, including housing they own, rent, or live in without paying rent, are sharing with others, and rooms in hotels or motels not paid for by Federal, State, or local government programs for low-income individuals or by charitable organizations, as evidenced by--

    `(i) a court order resulting from an eviction action that notifies the individual or family that they must leave within 14 days;
    `(ii) the individual or family having a primary nighttime residence that is a room in a hotel or motel and where they lack the resources necessary to reside there for more than 14 days; or
    `(iii) credible evidence indicating that the owner or renter of the housing will not allow the individual or family to stay for more than 14 days, and any oral statement from an individual or family seeking     homeless assistance that is found to be credible shall be considered credible evidence for purposes of this clause;

`(B) has no subsequent residence identified; and

`(C) lacks the resources or support networks needed to obtain other permanent housing; and

`(6) unaccompanied youth and homeless families with children and youth defined as homeless under other Federal statutes who--

`(A) have experienced a long term period without living independently in permanent housing.
`(B) have experienced persistent instability as measured by frequent moves over such period, and
`(C) can be expected to continue in such status for an extended period of time because of chronic disabilities, chronic physical health or mental health conditions, substance addiction, histories of domestic violence or childhood abuse, the presence of a child or youth with a disability, or multiple barriers to employment.

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