Detrimental Grading Practices

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Students are failing classes on all levels of education because some teachers and professors are not grading assignments, quizzes, tests, and returning the results to students in a timely manner. Some students are not fully grasping material and are not aware because they are not getting the appropriate feedback in classes. Thus many students fail or get low grades. Students are forced to waste valuable time retaking classes and have this unwarranted failure listed on their academic records for eternity because they were victims of an educator’s procrastination and lack of interest in their academic success. This goes against the very reason students attend school in the first place. The overall goal of school in general is to achieve the highest level of education possible and position individuals for success.

Some colleges and universities have a policy of “Higher Tuition Charged for Third Attempt Classes”. This means if a student fails to successfully complete a class twice they will be charged more for the class the third time. Students seeking to obtain high level degrees that fall victim to ineffective grade practices are ultimately unfairly charged more money to repeat classes they probably would not have failed had they received grades as the class progressed. It is completely unfair to hold students accountable for repeated failures but not hold educators accountable for doing the basics of grading and returning work in a timely manner.

If you or someone you know has suffered this injustice and undue educational setback, sign this petition and pass it on. The goal of this petition is to give insight to Teachers, Counselors, Principals, School Boards, Superintendents, Professors, Academic Advisors, Deans, and College and University Presidents that the people they teach are affected by their practices for the rest of their lives. Students progress at different rates and should not run the risk of failure due to and educators inability to monitor their progress effectively. If this does not invoke change, then contacting state representatives and making demands for proposed legislation in this matter are the next steps.

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