Petition for a thorough investigation by The Houston Police Dpt for Julian Issac’s case

Petition for a thorough investigation by The Houston Police Dpt for Julian Issac’s case

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William Issac started this petition to Houston Police Department

Petition for a thorough investigation by the Houston Police Department of Julian Issac’s Case

Date: June 15, 2021

Location: Houston, Texas 11700 block of Teaneck Drive 77089

What we know:

Julian Issac went missing around 5:00 am on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Some time prior to 5:00 am, he ordered an Uber to travel from downtown Houston to his girlfriend’s house in the Sagemont neighborhood (77089).

Instead of arriving safely at his destination, he made phone calls to his mom, Azilie, saying he was being chased and going to be killed. At one point his mother heard him say, “sir sir, I’m just trying to get to my girlfriend’s house”. He also texted his girlfriend, Marisol, stating he was at her home. Sometime after he then texted her stating he was going to get killed.

He took an Uber BUT NEVER MADE IT TO HIS DESTINATION. We need access to the Uber records to understand the timeline and police need to interview the driver in case they were involved or were a witness. Police have requested and expect to receive the Uber records. There is also a charge to Julian’s debit card for an Uber after he was presumably deceased.

William/Azilie called Julian’s girlfriend, Marisol, to ask her to search for Julian. She’s stated she looked around with her dad but didn’t see anything. William used Location sharing to locate Julian’s phone later that morning and went to the location with his mom to find Julian. Prior to arriving they sent a screenshot of the location to Marisol where then she went back out and found Julian’s hat in the front yard of 11735 Teaneck Drive just blocks away from her house. Once William and Azilie arrived, William went into the backyard where he found Julian’s phone.

By 7:00 am that day, the family had called the Houston Police Department (HPD) to help find Julian. They arrived at the scene of the phone and hat and spoke with a few neighbors. Through that, one video was found of Julian running at 5:26 am. While the police briefly treated it as a homicide, it was quickly dropped to just another missing persons case despite the calls that the family had received. The family tried for days to get HPD to investigate more thoroughly, but Sergeant M. Cass and Detective K. Heaverlo insinuated that Julian was likely on drugs saying “it looks like he’s hallucinating and the reason for his disappearance was because he was choosing to leave his girlfriend” and HPD didn’t appear to be invested in the case. On top of that, all of the local search and rescue groups told the family and friends that they could not help unless they were directed to by the police. At one point HPD used a helicopter for roughly ten minutes, but denied requests for a canine search effort. It is possible that had they used canine from the offset that Julian would have been found sooner, and possibly still alive.

IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Details of the autopsy need to be released to the family and HPD needs to investigate all possible angles. ALL home surveillance cameras need to be pulled and looked through for any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area from roughly 4:20am - 7am June 15th 2021 as well as all other dates leading up to his discovery. ALL phone records need to be investigated, including, but not limited to the family, Julian, Marisol, those with him that night, anyone who knew where he was or where he was going, and the contacts made by any of these people in the days before and during the incident. Julian was being chased. This WILL NOT be disregarded.

HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND COMMUNITY banded together to help find Julian once the police stopped investigating. William created search grids and nearly 100 people showed up on Friday, June 17, 2021 to look for Julian. Friends came with ATVs and drones, machetes to cut through brush, and even swam through creeks to try to find him. Unfortunately, the day of searching was not fruitful in finding Julian. Thankfully; however, it drew enough attention that media outlets began to arrive at the search site and gave attention to Julian’s Case - we hope the media will continue to report on this case to help keep pressure on the investigation.

Luckily, one of the friends who showed up to search was able to get in touch with the right people to get EquuSearch to finally agree to assist on Saturday, June 18, 2021. William told his friends and family that he wanted to respect EquuSearch’s methods, including capping the number of searchers at 25 people - so only those folks arrived Saturday morning to continue the search. While searching on Saturday, a neighbor near where Julian’s phone had been found called the police to report what they thought was a dead body. This is how Julian’s body was found.

HPD says the investigation is ongoing, but that there is no immediate evidence of foul play. The family states they have gotten opinions from others stating there could easily be some sign of foul play - we need action and answers now - we are DEMANDING justice and ACTION on behalf of our city. We need the Houston Police Department to investigate this matter thoroughly and help the family, friends, and community get the answers needed to get a possible murderer (OR MURDERERS) off the streets of Houston, Texas.

Julian’s mom and twin brother deserve answers. Please sign this petition for the Houston Police Department to conduct a proper and thorough investigation into Julian Issac’s case

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