Justice for Pete

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That knot of revulsion in your stomach and the tears rolling down your cheeks when you look at the photos of Pete are nothing compared to the horrific pain this sweet angel endured at the hands of his "owners". This sweet boy was turned into BARC, a Houston, Texas shelter by his owners while barely hanging onto life. His owners not only neglected proper care for this dog by not feeding him, getting him vaccinated or simply taking him to a vet for the treatment of preventable mange, but then forgoed vet care altogether for his skin ailment. They tried a "home remedy" of gasoline to rid him of the mange, they let motor oil sit on this dog's skin until he was almost burned to death. Can you even imagine raw gasoline being left on your skin? He still smelled of it when he was turned into the shelter. Along with his terrible burns he is emaciated, has bleeding wounds all over, hookworms, anemia and conjunctivitis. These people need to be prosecuted and we need to hold these governments and public entities RESPONSIBLE for prosecuting individuals who criminally neglect their animals. It is their DUTY to uphold the law and we DEMAND that they seek the highest level of punishment for these "owners". This type of behavior will not cease until our government acts on It! People who perpetrate these barbaric acts have no place amongst the public. 




The pictures are hard to look at, and seeing Pete in person will definitely make you cry. Red Collar Rescue and Sav-a-Pet have joined forces on behalf of Pete. Donations for Pete's medical care can be made at https://redcollar.org/donate or by calling the clinic at 713-622-1270.

We are doing all we can to bring comfort to Pete and help him recover, including a blood transfusion, IV fluids, antibiotics, pain meds, surgical scrub baths,and more. We pray his body is strong enough to fight off the sepsis. Your thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated. We are hoping that animal cruelty charges will be brought against Pete's prior owners.