Charge Brittany Bowens In Maleah Davis Death

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Maleah Davis has been missing since April 30, 2019! Her Stepfather Darion Vence has recently been taken into custody for "Evidence Tampering- HUMAN CORPSE". 

Maleah's biological mother Brittany Bowens waited ONE WEEK after her daughter's disappearance to reveal information about abuse and molestation from Maleah's stepfather! She claims that before she left town she KNEW AND WAS FULLY AWARE that Darion was abusing and molesting Maleah as well as sending intimate pictures of himself to other men and yet she still left this baby in the care of this monster! Maleah was onced removed from the home for severe abuse which caused her to have multiple surgeries! She was later placed back in the care of these monsters!

From DAY ONE Brittany Bowens has been faking her emotions over this case as well as lying to police officers about details. She knew what happened to her daughter. 

Brittany should be charged with the same crime as Darion for the death of 4 year old Maleah! 

PLEASE HELP GET JUSTICE FOR MALEAH DAVIS! She was only 4 years old! She didn't deserve this! #JusticeForMaleah