Let Mrs. Borja keep her job

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Teresa Borja was forced to resign from her teaching position after deciding that it was unsafe for her to return to in-person instruction due to her medical condition. She is a beloved teacher at Calvin Nelms Charter High-school and has impacted many students’ lives throughout her years of teaching. Our goal is to make the voice of the student body heard and allow her to continue teaching us from her preferred environment. 

As students, we are given a choice to either return to in-person instruction or remain online via asynchronous learning. If we are allowed to choose our learning environment then teachers should also be able to choose their teaching environment.

Mrs. Borja’s resignation also means that other teachers that teach similar subjects will now be tasked with teaching her students in her place. This would lower education quality and put more stress on the new teachers in charge as they would have to deal with a lot more students and divide their attention even further.

We all believe that online schooling is not the ideal way to learn, but we are also satisfied with the teaching that Mrs. Borja provided while she was at home as it was still as engaging as ever. For the sake of our learning and the well-being of other teachers, we ask for Mrs. Borja to keep her job, remain teaching here, and continue to enrich her student’s lives.