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Reduce the City of Houston's Parking Requirements

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A Vision for Houston

When we think of our future, we can imagine a a much livelier Houston than the one today. A Houston with more green space, more local businesses, and more transit options. A Houston where there are more beautiful buildings in our city, and less acres of parking lots baking in the Texas sun. A city where small businesses can afford to open up shop; not just national chains. A place where biking and walking are actually feasible modes of getting to school and work.

We imagine a City of Houston that doesn't mandate the amount of parking that's required for each individual establishment. A Houston where driving isn't subsidized by the City. A City of Houston that actually feels like a city; where local bars are a short walk from home, not a life-threatening drunk-drive away.

Remove Parking Requirements

We at People Over Parking propose a revision of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances Chapter 26, Article VIII, removing parking requirements for all types of use classifications and allowing Houstonians to decide how much parking to provide.

If a business requires 200 parking spots to house enough customers to make a profit, they are free to make those calculations and provide their own parking. A small boutique jeweler shouldn't be prevented from opening up shop just because she doesn't have the funds to purchase the lot next door to build a parking lot.

Let the people decide how much parking to provide. Let the market provide the spots that are needed. Then we can finally fill in the gaps in our city and make Houston the truly great metropolis we all know it can be.

Help Shape Our City

Fellow Houstonians, if your can see our vision of the City, please sign and share this petition. As the mayoral election heats up, we'll want to know where the candidates stand on reducing parking requirements, and what kind of Houston they're imagining for the future.

Together, we can let the City Council know that we choose people over parking.


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