Simon’s Law

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My husband Simon Dobbin, was attacked by 12 thugs on March 21st 2015. This was an unprovoked attack that lasted 90 seconds, he was stomped on repeatedly. He suffered a cardiac arrest, it took paramedics 7 minutes to restart his heart.  Simon now has hypoxic brain damage, he is unable to walk, talk or move independently, he is fed via a tube, he has a tracheostomy and needs round the clock care.

12 men were charged and sentenced to prison for a violent public disorder, this sentence carries a maximum time of five years, but Simon has a life sentence. How can someone be clinically dead for 7 minutes and this be a violent public disorder? The law needs to changed around theses cases, and a higher sentence given.

I want the government to put Simon’s Law into place. Simon’s Law will state that if an individual is charged and found guilty of a violent public disorder, causing harm to any other, then a percentage of earnings through employment or benefits, are taken from them and paid back to our NHS for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully this will be a deterrent and these crimes are drastically reduced, I’d hate to guess, but I’m sure it ran into hundreds and thousands of pounds to keep Simon alive and well enough for him to return home a year later.

Simon’s Law will support any individual, and our emergency services who are also on the receiving end of these crimes.

Let's put Simon’s Law into place.