Save the bees and our environment

Save the bees and our environment

2 February 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fay prenga

Without bees there is no pollination and without pollination no plant and no food crops. Its very simple. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are pollinated by bees. Seventy out of the top 100 human food crops — which supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition — are pollinated by bees.

We live in a world that is duying each day. You and I, our granny's and our brothers and uncles and aunty's, all of us are the plague on this earth with our actions and lack of posative actions for change. 

So I ask, dose it site right with you, in your hearts, knowing that acording to Green peaces last statistical study "the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962. "   90% people , for heven sake PLEASE open you eyes!!!!

The only way we can fix this is:

1) By banning the seven most dangerous pesticides.
2) By protecting pollinator health by preserving wild habitat. 

3 By restore ecological agriculture.

This is to ask you to sign a petition to make a start on these changes, the eco system has so many issues its a case of where to start... let this be the starting point.... 


More info on what we the people are asking for to start to achive the goals above: 

  • 1) ask the government not to block any changes that will be posative for the eco system in this country as agreed by experts. Starting with:

A beekeeper named Mr Patrick Murfet who is trying to bring 15 million bees into the UK and has been told they may be seized and burned because of post-Brexit laws.

Patrick Murfet wants to import the baby Italian bees for his Kent business and to help farmers pollinate valuable crops.

But new laws that came into effect after the UK left the single market mean that bringing bees into the country is banned.

I ask how is this sanity to kill a declining bee pollination instead of helping nature and our eco system? 

PLEASE  sigh this petition to stop this ban on the import of bees and other animals that will be a help to our eco system. 

The import of bees should be welcomed.


2) By banning the seven most dangerous pesticides.

This one will be the hardest to push for but I'm sure we are all sick of flats being build around let's get rid of two evils at once.....

  • 3) To ask government to protect pollinator health by preserving wild habitat and other local wild life.

In a step to help achive this 

We the people ask parliment to stop building on ANY new land or green space, that has not had a building on it previously withing the last 100 years of 2020.

Where a building is currently or was erected, new buildings erected on said land must be as environmental friendly posible. Yearly taxes imposed on buildings that are not. 

Protect what environment and nature around us that is currently left. Stop England becoming a concrete tomb and use the land willy for ecological agriculture.  


Note: I Just want to thank anyone who read this, agrees with this and who signs this. I'm not an educated individual and I opologise for any spelling errors or any bad grammar. Im just a mum who see such devastation happening all around me that I want to try to make change

I wish the world and its governments would stop all the burocracy and use some common sense and would wake up to the damage being done. 

Thanks for your time everyone. 









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Signatures: 754Next Goal: 1,000
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