Support Performing Arts Industry Workers

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First, thank you for including entertainment industry workers in the CARES Act. 

We, the artists, craftspeople and technicians of the Performing Arts Industry ask you to support the “Worker Relief and Security Act” bill released by Sens. Michael Bennet, and Jack Reed, along with Rep. Don Beyer to extend the $600 weekly paycheck boost beyond July 31. We implore you to continue to extend those benefits to both salaried and independently contracted entertainment industry workers.

The performing arts industry has been devastated by the coronavirus. It is likely that the time when we can resume work and audiences can gather again with a sense of safety will be many months from now.  Most of us who work in this industry were in the first wave of American workers to be laid off and will likely be the last to be phased back in. We ask you to remember that the artists, craftspeople and technicians who are suffering irrevocable hardship have been members of an industry that has been an 800 billion dollar part of the nation’s economy.

Live performance is irreplaceable. For the arts to emerge from this unprecedented moment the people who have put their full efforts into creation need support during this time when we have been asked to pause. Because we will all need the inspiration that live performance and the cultural arts offer more than ever as we come out of this moment of national crisis, please support performing artists in The Worker Relief and Security Act.