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Stop SOPA (Stop Internet Privacy Act) & PROTECT IP Act from becoming law.

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While the stated goals or smoke screens of the two bills awaiting vote within the House of Representatives and United States Senate aim to stop the illegal display of copyrighted material stemming from the entertainment industry, though the ability of outright censorship concerning all things relating to the freedom of expression most likely would become common place after corporations and the government test the waters with how far they'd be able to have the umbrella of the law's vague and far reaching wordage cover. Allowing both of the laws' passage without safeguards and scrutiny will over time take away the freedom of all Americas wishing to express their thoughts, opinions, and/or views, the ability of starting a grassroots protest or demonstration, or just a simple desire of posting a video of oneself singing along to their favorite song. If you wish to have you're internet controlled like China and Iran does, do nothing and await your inaction. If you enjoy expressing your opinion and letting your voice be heard, Now's the time to take action!

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