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Justice for demar smikle

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What exactly are we petitioning for? HUMAN RIGHTS TO APPLY TO ALL HUMANS. DIGNITY COSTS NOTHING. - The law is intended not to discriminate or oppress human beings. We are concerned that Swinfen Hall's interpretation of the Human Rights Act 1998 ignores this. We feel it is imperative that this institution has its policy and procedures concerning the physical and emotional wellbeing of prisoners investigated and reconfigured. Prompt medical attention should have been arranged on Demar's behalf since his freedom has been removed, meaning he could not very well walk to the local A&E department himself. The prison was responsible for this. - Demar is now largely immobile, his brain has been damaged, he has drains and staples in his head - how is it logical, fair, lawful to shackle this man to another human being - how is this grand display of the power imbalance necessary, why is his privacy not respected? - The relatives of other patients are not dictated to in terms of taking photos or videos of their very poorly family members, they don't have to ask a prison for permission 24 hours in advance to sit with their relative, they don't have to be on display to complete strangers - they are left to be with their family - in peace and dignity. THE PRESENCE OF IMPARTIAL TRUSTWORTHY *SUPPORTIVE* PROFESSIONALS - We know that many offenders feel that prison staff have a conflict of interest and therefore may not be comfortable confiding in, or showing vulnerability to internal staff members. For this reason, we would like the government to re-assess the impartial professional support in place for people in prison. They are human beings and need access to advocacy and support - without potential negative consequences. PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE - THEY ARE SONS, FATHERS, BROTHERS, WIVES, MOTHERS. WHY ARE THEIR VOICES NOT HEARD? - Demar was unwell for some time before he was admitted to hospital, we are told that other offenders within the prison were raising this issue to staff. We are concerned about the lengthy period of time it seemed to take for Demar to receive emergency professional attention. It is so important for prison staff to actively LISTEN to and take seriously, those in their care. FAMILIES STILL CARE ABOUT THEIR RELATIVES WHEN THEY ARE IN PRISON - COMMUNICATE WITH US. - When a family member is serving a custodial sentence, it can be agonising for those they leave outside. We would like to have open communication with an appointed member of staff, this needs to be prompt when things are not going well. Simply relying on inmates to relay messages to family is not good enough. There are a number of factors that could contribute to family members not being kept well informed by their relative inside a prison. Demar was rushed to hospital on 27.8.2015 he was put in a comer as he had swelling on the brain, he is being treated for TB meningitis at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.Demar is an inmate from swinfen hall HMP where in May 2015 there was an outbreak of TB in the prison but the governor has been covering it up,Demar was medically neglected in the prison and had suffered a seizure and put back in his cell at the beginning of august.A riot broke out in the prison on 6.8.2015 because the inmates were making a stand for their human rights and for the mistreatment of the infected inside the prison, Unfortunately Demar has suffered brain damage and is physically damaged, he cant walk and struggles to move his hands, arms, head and his speech is very slow, BUT THE GOVENOR OF HMP SWINFEN HALL ORDERED FOR DEMAR TO BE SHACKLED TO A PRISON GUARD while he is recieving treatment, the governor has ordered also that us as a family are not allowed to take photos or videos of demar because she is trying to cover this up, she is also trying to restrict our visiting hours for him.

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