Ban - Free or Complimentary breakfast & happy hours Nationwide

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To approve new bill to support restaurant and bar industry just by restricting Hotel / Motel to provide free or complimentary breakfast and happy hours to their guests.

I believe if none of the hotel/motel offers breakfast and happy hours will give opportunities to many local restaurant and bars. We should seriously look deeply to support restaurant and bar industry simply by restricting to breakfast and happy hours in hotel/motel.

City & State will have opportunities hiring and more taxes.

To our governors, mayors, and legislators:

Imagine your cities and states without their most beloved restaurants and bars—from cherished third-generation mom-and-pops to cutting-edge fine-dining spots that bring tourists, international attention, and increased real-estate value to neighborhoods.

It’s unimaginable, right?

Restaurants and bars are defining and vital contributors to our communities. They are gathering places where people celebrate good times and forget their troubles in bad. Older ones are as much a part of their landscape and cities’ identity as landmark buildings, theaters, and museums. But the danger of COVID-19 means that they can no longer be that place for people. And it means that this time, we are among those in trouble.